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Typing Made Easy

We have divided the regular keyboard letters into a few zones in a unique manner to let you type extremely accurate, very fast and comfortably.

Just tap on the zones that have you letters and get your words.
(Only for unknown words such as passwords type on the letters.)

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icon-02Conventional Keyboards


icon-01SnapKeys Zones


Aren’t you tired of the way you type the QWERTY keyboard?


 SnapKeys Zones revolutionizes your typing  on the QWERTY keyboard 


 Delete-icon  Dealing with so many tiny keys VS
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  • Type on only few zones that have the characters of your word* 
 Delete-icon  Moving your finger in so many directions over 26 keys? VS
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  • You barely move your finger because you type on only few zones. 
 Delete-icon  Thinking that you are typing fast but in fact
only your finger moves fast but your typing is slow (less than 20w/m)?
play button
  • Type very fast (80w/m) .  
 Delete-icon  Mistyping because the keys are small VS
play button
  • No more mistyping, because you type on few large zones
 Delete-icon  Always looking for your keys instead of looking at what you are typing? VS
play button
  • Look at what you are typing while you are typing.
 Delete-icon  Having a massive keyboard that obscures your screen? VS
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  • Make SnapKeys Zones as small as you like and still type fast, comfortably and accurately.
 Delete-icon  Getting tired after a few lines of text ?    VS
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  • Type  comfortably. Write pages of text with pleasure.
    *Only for rare words such as passwords tap on letters.