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"Beefy Predictive"
"Scary Accurate" 
" ...could have you typing
as fast as you would on a regular keyboard" 


Q4 is a regular QWERTY keyboard
presented in 5 zones

typing has never been so simple and fast


Just tap anywhere on the zones that contain
the characters of your word (including ' - .)

Only for rare words such as passwords
precisely tap on the letters.

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Aren’t you tired of the way you type on the QWERTY keyboard?


 Q4 Upgrades your typing on the QWERTY keyboard! 


 Delete-icon  Dealing with so many tiny keys VS
play button
  • Type anywhere on only 5 zones that have the characters of your word*
 Delete-icon  Moving your finger in so many directions over 26 keys? VS
play button
  • You barely move your finger because you type on 5 zones. 
 Delete-icon  Thinking that you are typing fast but in fact
only your finger moves fast but your typing is slow (less than 20w/m)?
play button
  • Type very fast (80w/m) .  
 Delete-icon  Mistyping because the keys are small VS
play button
  • No more mistyping.
 Delete-icon  Always looking for your keys instead of looking at what you are typing? VS
play button
  • Look at what you are typing while you are typing.
 Delete-icon  Having a massive keyboard that obscures your screen? VS
play button
  • Make Q4 as small as you like and still type fast, float it on the screen.
 Delete-icon  Getting tired after a few lines of text ?    VS
play button
  • Type  comfortably. Write pages of text with pleasure.
    *Only for rare words such as passwords tap on letters.