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SnapKeys at CES Unveiled New York

ces2November 12, 2013, CES Unveiled New York:  Snapkeys Ltd. today announced that it has been named an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for its latest product release called Q4 Keyboard™.

Q4 Keyboard™ was honored for its outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products; across 29 product categories that are entered into this prestigious program and that are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial engineers and member of the trade media.

Q4 Keyboard, is a floating resizeable QWERTY keyboard for touchscreens that can be reduced to 4 invisible keys; raising the quality of text entry to a new level on mobile devices such as smartphones and table PCs. Available as a free app on the Google Play Store.  Q4 Keyboard includes several important features for this innovative technology:


Press Release : Snapkeys launches Q4 Keyboard

logo-q4-keyboardSnapKeys Launches Q4 Keyboard - The Invisible Mobile Keyboard for Android – The Coolest, Quickest, and Easiest Mobile Floating Keyboard for QWERTY users.


We love our mobile devices; they are a part of our everyday life. People love to text, search, email, and share photos and stay connected – Q4 Keyboard enables mobile users to easily and comfortably read/write/edit their mobile content such as text, emails, photos, search, etc. Bring your mobile phone experience to a new level and keeping you connected.

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Why downloading the invisible Q4 keyboard is a must!

Q4 keyboard

Despite innovations in smartphone and tablet technology, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs are today still reliant on the full-sized keyboard with so many keys, which were originally intended for typewriters and computers as a separate input peripheral that was not intended to occupy the touchscreen. Q4 Keyboard was designed with the objective of removing the limitations of the full-sized keyboard.

The screen space of small mobile devices is precious and users cannot continually afford to lose this screen space that is occupied by so many keys. The Q4 Keyboard is a floating resizable keyboard that can be reduced to a 4-key touch keyboard for the touchscreen. The Q4 Keyboard is designed so that users can input text while simultaneously being able to see the screen content without many keys blocking the content. The enhancement to the user experience of the entire mobile device with Q4 changes dramatically compared to the full-sized keyboard that we currently use today.


Q4 Keyboard - The Fastest Keyboard

Q4 Keyboard - The Fastest Keyboard

Video provided by end user that shows the fastest QWERTY keyboard: Q4 Keyboard by SNAPKEYS. SnapKeys’ Q4 Keyboard offers simplicity, speed, accuracy, and comfort to the overall mobile user experience. Anyone who has used a full-size touchscreen keyboard knows how important comfort and prediction accuracy are allow users to type fast without having to correct many typing errors and auto-correct mistakes.

The Q4 keyboard not only has very high prediction accuracy, customizable size and position features for personal typing comfort, but it also the only keyboard that has the Short’nd™ feature that allows users to enter words without the need to type every letter of the word, enabling very fast accurate typing while also having the added benefit of spelling help.